The Best Sex Toy For Women, Ever (Magic Wand Review)

This is the classic massager you have probably heard about from friends or in the media. These Magic Wand Attachments (which also fit other wand vibrators that mimic the dimensions of the original Magic Wand) range from g-spot attachments of varying price and quality, rabbit attachments, nuzzle tips, duel penetration attachments and more.

But if you want a g-spot vibe, and you want a powerful one, there is legit nothing like a hitachi with an attachment on it. I'm not really into penetration myself, but the cool thing is you can also mitigate some of the force and get a different texture with an attachment.

Others include variable power switches to control the strength of the vibrations as well as the speed. Do you follow Oh Joy Sex web comic that reviews sex toys? There shouldn't be. The EMW has no batteries or sharp edges, but sometime the people in security has their own ideas, so it is hard to predict.

As the product has gained popularity over the years, various customised features and options have been made to tailor the product to personal preferences; the Magic Wand now comes in different colours, stud patterns and materials. The Hitachi Magic Wand doesn't look like a penis so he might not find it as threatening as some other sex toys.

Our approach has been to make a no nonsense” Magic Wand that prioritise functionality above all, especially the powerful vibrations. At least you could keep the original magic wand on if you didn't mind the heat it produced. This Vibratex Magic Wand Massager is the perfect massage tool for an evening of sensual relaxing.

I'm not saying I don't like other toys, and I'm definitely open to trying new ones, but this is my favorite, the one I go to when I don't want to waste time, when I just want to cut to the chase, and I imagine it always will be. It has a cord that can get in the way — See the Magic Wand Rechargeable which has become a top seller for the cordless crowd.

Those who aren't familiar with the intensity the Hitachi Magic Wand packs could find it downright intimidating, especially on high. Another general rule of thumb is never to clean any of your toys with anything you wouldn't put in your body, which means things like bleach and hand sanitizer are out.

For many women, orgasm is a struggle - and having the Cadillac of vibrators at your disposal can bring that mythical fantasy to a reality if you've been struggling to reach it. If you're the kind of girl who's become frustrated with your fingers, and even toys, the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi just may be enough to finally bring you over the edge.

This is why some reviewers say that many ladies choose to use the Hitachi Magic Wand on top of their panties. Compared to the Magic Wand Original, the rechargeable version is slightly longer and heavier, and the head of the toy is 2.4” wide rather than 2.25. This means magic wand rechargable that attachments for the original may be too small for the rechargeable Magic Wand.

I absolutely love my Hitachi Magic Wand. You will soon be able to buy a Europe Magic Wand from with a UK power plug. She told me to get a Hitachi Magic Wand, but to be careful of its power, both physical and psychological, as it's an addictive agent right behind heroin.

This toy is one of the most popular sex toys on the market, but the first time you see its box, you'll notice that it is one of those electric vibrators that are targeted as a straightforward massager, as its soft, flexible head is meant to massage sore muscles instead of, you know, clitorises.

Pros for me are that those times when the little vibrator isn't getting me to an orgasm, the big guy” usually can. However, some women also totally rave about the wand head shape because it's able to provide stimulation to clitoris, inner and outer labia, and deep inside - all at once.

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